Project N.6


Durable seismic retrofitting


with AAM-TRM



This ESR project will develop a fundamental understanding of the structural behaviour of retrofitting reinforced concrete (RC) elements (beams, columns, beam-column joints) and masonry walls subjected to simulated seismic loading. To achieve this, the following objectives are defined:

1) Optimize the mix design (flowability and durability) of AAM to be used in the form of thin TRM-jackets.
2) Perform large-scale experiments on: (a) RC beams strengthened in cyclic flexure and/or shear with AAM-TRM; (b) columns confined with AAM-TRM jackets for increased deformation capacity; (c) beam-column joint sub-assemblages strengthened in cyclic shear with AAM-TRM; (d) masonry walls strengthened with AAM-TRM overlays against out-of-plane or in-plane cyclic loading.
3) Develop analytical and numerical models to describe the structural behaviour (prediction of failure modes, strength and deformation capacity) of elements tested as above.

Validate the models with test data and use them to perform parametric studies and to develop design guidelines.


Expected Results

ESR6 will verify experimentally and analytically/numerically the effectiveness of AAM-TRM overlays as a means of seismic retrofitting RC and masonry structures for a number of basic cases (beams in flexure/shear, confined columns, joints strengthened in shear, masonry walls subjected to out-of-plane or in-plane seismic actions). This will enable the design of interventions for the seismic retrofitting of RC or masonry structures.