Project N.4


Development of fibre reinforced


AAM for structural applications



AAM concretes tend to show a brittle fracture behaviour which is known from high-strength concretes. To avoid a sudden failure of respective structural elements - and to fulfil normative safety requirements - the addition of fibres is of common practice to increase the ductility and robustness. In order to reach the aforementioned requirements, the following objectives are defined:

1) Formulation of mix designs for AAM concretes with different types of fibre (steel, synthetic, glass, carbon), fibre volumes and fibre geometries under varying climate conditions and ages (specified in WP 1 and WP2)
2) Definition of AAM FR concretes properties / requirements for structural applications
3) Experimental verification of AAM FR concrete by means of flexural and splitting tensile strength tests

Provision of constitutive models for AAM FR concretes on the basis of code-type equations in fib Model Code 2010.


Expected Results

It is expected to demonstrate effectiveness of alternative fibre materials i.e. glass fibres, carbon fibres or plastic macro fibres for the use in AAM structural concretes, aiming to generate an innovative combination of novel binders and novel reinforcement.