Project N.13


Life cycle analysis


of AAM concrete structures



The green profile of AAM structures is a key-selling-point. The main objective of ESR13 is an in-depth assessment of the environmental performance of AAM structures compared to traditional OPC-based concrete in comparable structures. Research objectives are:

 1) To perform a literature study and get acquainted with the subject matter of AAM concrete.
2) To study the LCA of new structures with AAM concrete and of existing structures rehabilitated with AAM-TRM, in due consideration of the service life assessment.
3) Development of recommendations for LCA of AAM concrete as a function of various use cases.

Propose an environmental assessment in accordance to EU calculation scheme in order to foster the implementation of AAM in EU market


Expected Results

1) Approach for AAM concrete structures and related service life aspects;
2) an LCA framework for AAM-based structures, compliant with the service life limit state framework of ESR12;
3) approaches and related LCA models, including inventory data, for AAM-based structures;
4) sustainability design guidelines and related cases studies of LCA performance of AAM concrete in construction and rehabilitation.