Project N.10


Creep and shrinkage


of AAM concrete



In ESR 10 results will be provided about long-term deformation properties of AAM concretes to be utilised for structural design purposes. The link to the microstructure of AAMs will facilitate a better understanding of the mechanisms of the deformation behaviour of AAMs. Shrinkage investigations will include autogenous shrinkage, plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage, and carbonation shrinkage. In order to reach the aforementioned requirements, the following objectives are defined:

1) Selection of representative AAM concretes for the experimental investigations
2) Execution of shrinkage and creep experiments at the aforementioned representative AAM concretes taking into account the specific reaction mechanisms and kinetics of AAM precursors and activators
3) Provision of constitutive shrinkage and creep models for AAM FR concretes.


Expected Results

Based on the experimental data, code-type provisions will be derived to predict the long-term deformation of AAM concretes.